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Vartmans - Code of Conduct

Lord Swaminarayan stated that devotion and moral behaviour is essential for salvation and reaching divine Akshardham.  A person must be pure in his actions and thoughts whilst being disciplined in life in order to be moral. 

Vartman translates to a way of behaviour or conduct so to help His followers maintain a high level of morality in life, Lord Swaminarayan defined five vartmans that His devotees must always observe.  He stated that whoever wants to embrace His sampraday must abide by these five: 

Drug, Alcohol, Intoxication

Abstain from drinking wine, liquor or any intoxicating drug


Do not consume meat in any form.


Do not adulterate


Do not steal even the smallest item

Food & Drink from Improper Sources

Do not consume food & drink from improper sources

For one to truly observe the Vartmans,
it must be observed throughout your THOUGHTS, SPEECH & ACTION




Initially, one must physically, through behaviour, follow the vartmans. Following the vartmans is the foundations of the spiritual journey.


Often, it can be overlooked throughout ones life where we break the vartmans through speech, but to encourage yourself or even others to oppose the vartmans can be immoral and is as good as breaking them.


To even have the intention to break the vartmans is as good as breaking them. It is important that we truly understand why we follow the vartmans to ensure that they are kept firm in the mind. It is only after one follows the vartmans through thoughts along with the aforementioned that one can truly appreciate the benefits the vartmans have on our spiritual journey.